About Kelley Andrews

Kelley Andrews is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a reputation for fighting for her clients.   She devotes 100% of her practice to criminal defense work and begins each and every new case with an enthusiasm both for beginning her own investigation into the facts and for finding an avenue leading towards a dismissal of the charges. 

Ms. Andrews walks each client through the case step by step and takes the time to educate her clients not only about the particular offense, but also about the legal ramifications of any potential outcome, including driver’s license ramifications and the effect that any disposition may have on the client’s criminal record.

Many criminal offenses can lead to driver’s license suspensions. Ms. Andrews not only informs clients about the potential for losing their driving privileges, she also aids them in obtaining and maintaining their ability to drive legally in Texas and the United States.

In addition to handling new criminal cases, Ms. Andrews also handles expunctions and orders of non-disclosure. At a time when applying for a job, or college, almost always requires a background check, both of these remedies are crucial for a client’s successful future.  Ms. Andrews is proud to be able to claim that she has won all of her lawsuits for expunction and has had all of her petitions for non-disclosure granted.

Ms. Andrews was born in Hartford, Connecticut and moved to Houston in the mid 1980s.  She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Houston in the spring of 2004 and began law school at the University of Houston Law Center that same year.  Ms. Andrews began her work in the criminal defense realm while in law school having worked in the Juvenile Defense Clinic of the University of Houston. There she provided legal representation for minors who found themselves on both the juvenile delinquency and juvenile dependency dockets in the Harris County District Court system. During her time as a law student she also worked as a law clerk for The Downey Law Firm. Upon earning her law degree and passing the state bar exam in 2007, she began working for the firm and remained there until January 2013.

Ms. Andrews maintains a strong relationship with the Harris County courts and is licensed to practice law throughout the state of Texas as well as in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. She is also a current member of The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.